500 Watt High Power Amplifier in 3U Chassis Available Only from Empower RF Systems

Empower RF Systems has introduced the next series of the ‘’size matters” portfolio – 500W in 3U chassis. This new PA family operates in the frequency ranges of 20 – 500 MHz (Model 2173), 500 – 1000 MHz (Model 2174) and 20 – 1000 MHz (Model 2175) with theoutput power guaranteed over full bandwidth and temperature

This family of amplifiers also features remote access user experience. This revolutionary  innovation of  Empower’s new generation software has the feature rich menu which includes not only the software update process, but also real time monitoring, protection and control, sensor driven dynamic adjustments to the amplifier while in operation, remote user access, and a selection of communications protocols that can be enabled by the end user during system set up. The software update capability can also be exercised via a “direct connect” link, if permitted by the customer, from Empower to the fielded amplifier via the amplifier’s embedded web server.

Review the “At a Glance” flyer for more information on this new family of amplifiers