3M Announces Comprehensive End-to-End Static Management Program

3M launched its comprehensive 3M Static Management Program, designed to improve product quality and production yields for customers requiring high reliability in the electronics manufacturing industry. This unique program offers a full complement of product, software and service solutions, powered by the technical expertise of 3M staff and the company’s proprietary technologies.

The 3M Static Management Program gives customers the tools and training necessary to support an effective EOS/ESD control program and to help them achieve ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD Control Program certification. This end-to-end system enables stringent process controls for electronics assembly, test and repair. Companies can monitor their production environments in real-time, helping to ensure that their products are protected and that their reputations are safe.

“The 3M Static Management Program is designed to provide for process savings, quality improvements and higher yields,” said Matt Bosway, business manager, 3M Electronic Solutions Division, Static Control Business. “Our customers have always counted on 3M for EOS/ESD protection, and this program takes that protection to the next level. The real game-changer is the ability to continuously monitor all areas of the production environment for causes and evidence of EOS/ESD. Our customers can now monitor whether their products and devices are being properly protected at all stages of the manufacturing process.”

The 3M Static Management Program has five unique components:

Facility EOS/ESD Assessment: Trained professionals from 3M will conduct an evaluation of the customer’s manufacturing facility to determine where static events are occurring or may occur. Working closely with the customer, these 3M experts recommend solutions consistent with industry standards and the level of protection desired in the facility.
Installation: 3M ensures professional installation of all 3M equipment and software selected by the customer.
Training: 3M offers training that is tailored to the customer’s business and personnel. Detailed technical training is conducted in-person for engineers and supervisor-level
personnel, while online training is available to teach essential EOS/ESD prevention measures to operators.
Continuous Monitoring: A key component of the 3M Static Management Program is the proprietary 3M Static Monitoring Software, which enables real-time monitoring of the customer’s production areas for critical parameters, such as voltage and resistance, as well as actual ESD events. Select personnel are alerted when customer-determined thresholds are exceeded, so that root causes may be determined and quick responses taken to mitigate any damages.
Ongoing Support: 3M experts are available 24/7 to offer remote technical and diagnostic assistance. In addition, on-site application and troubleshooting support is available, along with ongoing calibration and repair services to help ensure that the customer’s static control system is operating properly at all times.

The Static Management Program from 3M is ideal for electronics manufacturing and repair facilities where components and processes are very sensitive to threats of EOS and ESD, including: aerospace, automation, communications, defense, industrial control and medical industries. To learn more about the complete offerings from 3M and its new 3M Static Management System, visit www.3Mstatic.com.