$22,000 Fine Issued by FCC to Ham Radio Operator

The Federal Communications Commission issued a $22,000 fine for frequency hogging to a Michigan ham radio operator. The FCC received several complaints from other ham operators that Michael Guernsey was monopolizing the 14.313 MHz band.

Guernsey’s station, KZ80, was monitored, and FCC agents found “Mr. Guernsey intentionally interfering with other amateur licensees by transmitting a prerecorded song and various animal noises.” In addition to the interference, Guernsey failed to transmit his call sign every ten minutes as required by FCC regulation. A fine of $8,000 was initially given to Guernsey but was increased to $22,000 for “deliberate disregard” after several warnings from the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau.

Read the FCC’s Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture issued.