2017 Expected to Be a Strong Year for Medical Device Manufacturers

A recent survey conducted by the Emergo Group indicates that 2017 is expected to be another strong year for manufacturers of medical devices. The survey, which polled over 3,000 experts in the field, showed that the mood of the industry as a whole is decidedly optimistic.

According to the survey results, companies that produce medical devices saw impressive growth throughout 2016, a trend that respondents expect to continue into 2017. One-third of companies saw sales and turnover increase by over 10 percent in 2016. Overall, 90 percent of companies saw some increase in business last year.

When it comes to national and overseas sales, the U.S. and Europe remain the most solid bets among those surveyed. Sixty percent believe that the U.S. will continue to experience positive growth for medical devices, while 51 percent of respondents have positive growth expectation for Europe. Conversely, survey respondents expect a decline in the optimism for market expansion in several BRIC markets including China and Brazil.

Get more information and view the complete results of the Emergo Group survey.

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