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2014 NEC® Code Changes Analyzed in Thomas & Betts’ Free Reference Guide Current Edition Includes T&B, ABB LP and ABB Power Products Items

Thomas & Betts (T&B) has published Analysis of NEC® Code Changes 2014, a free reference guide to changes in the 2014 National Electrical Code® (NEC®) that pertain to T&B’s products. This edition also covers code changes affecting ABB Low-Voltage Products (LP) and ABB Power Products. The 152-page guide is available as a print publication or it may be downloaded as an electronic PDF file.

The analysis guides readers in selecting the appropriate T&B products to comply with 2014 changes to the NEC®. T&B’s Analysis of the NEC® Code Changes 2014 is one of the most extensive code change books available from an electrical products manufacturer. Its scope has been significantly expanded as the result of ABB’s acquisition of T&B in 2012. The book is organized by NEC® article numbers with a table of contents, and includes illustrations of products and applications that pertain to code changes.

“This is the sixth edition of the T&B Code Changes book and includes, for the first time, changes affecting products offered by ABB Low Voltage and ABB Power Products,” said David Kendall, director, industry affairs, for Thomas & Betts. “Among these products are Baldor motors; low-, medium- and high-voltage switchgear; transformers; controls; smart meters; circuit breakers: electrical vehicle charging stations; and energy monitoring systems used in building automation.”

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Among the more significant changes covered in Analysis of NEC® Code Changes

2014 are a change from 600- to 1,000-volt thresholds throughout the book and the addition of direct current (DC) to the code. Other changes include:

  • 210.52(G)(1) – Addition of receptacles in garages (one for each bay)
  • 300.22(C) – Inclusion of cable ties for plenum applications
  • 314.28(A)(3) – Allowance for universal conduit bodies and full wire fill
  • 356.12(4) – Removal of 600-volt limitation on Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit (LFNC)
  • 376.56(B)(1) – Listing of power distribution blocks for line-side applications before the meter
  • 406.9(B)(1) and 590.4(D)(2) – Requirement of extra-duty in-use weatherproof covers in all wet locations
  • Article 625 – Complete revision of the electrical vehicle charging systems article
  • Article 694 – Expanded requirements for wind turbines, including those with greater than 100kW-rated power.
  • Article 728 – New article pertaining to fire-resistant cables
  • Article 750 – New article pertaining to energy management systems
  • Chapter 9 ENT Tables – Correction of internal diameter that increases the inside diameters, which may permit additional conductors

Analysis of NEC® Code Changes 2014 is available may be downloaded at

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