2-DTech Further Expands its CVD Graphene Product Offering

2D-TechHelping industry unlock graphene’s potential, 2-DTech has made further advances in the fabrication of graphene products using chemical vapour deposition (CVD) techniques. Thanks to its state-of-the-art CVD chambers and associated hardware, along with its team of highly experienced technical staff, the company is now able to deliver polycrystalline graphene films of the highest quality. Its CVD graphene exhibits industry-leading degrees of consistency, outperforming what the competition can deliver in terms of low defect density and high mobility. Customers can expect an average mobility value of approximately 2250 cm2/V.s.

2-DTech is able to supply its CVD graphene products in a range of different sizes and on a variety of substrates. They can be grown on to copper substrates with dimensions reaching 100mm x 200mm. Alternatively its CVD graphene can be transferred onto various other substrates measuring up to 40mm x 40mm, including SiO2, exfoliated hBN deposited on SiO2 and an array of customer requested materials.

This comprehensive CVD graphene portfolio from 2-DTech means that the company is well positioned to serve a broad spectrum of research and product development activities. These products can be incorporated into photovoltaic, electronic and sensor devices in either graphene-only or multi-layer hetereostructure systems (where graphene is combined with other 2-D materials, such as the insulating hBN or the semiconducting MoS2).

2-D Tech“The quality of our CVD graphene has already enabled us to add highly regarded academic establishments and prestigious research institutions to our client base – from UK, Germany, Japan and Korea,” states Nigel Salter, 2-DTech’s Managing Director. “By further broadening the scope of our CVD offering we will be able to address a greater variety of application demands.”