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1.9 Million Toyota Prius Hybrids Recalled to Fix Software Issue

A global recall was issues by Toyota Motor Corporation to resolve a software glitch that could cause the vehicle to stall. This recall effects Prius hybrids sold from 2010 to 2014 around the world.

The software bug could create excess heat in some of the transistors in circuits in the car, causing damage to the part. If this happens, dashboard warning lights are activated but in some cases the hybrid system may shut down while the car is being driven.

Additionally, Toyota has issued a separate recall of approximately 260,000 RAV4 sport-utility vehicles, Tacoma trucks and Lexus RX350 SUVs sold in the U.S to correct an electronic circuit issue that can cause the vehicle stability control, antilock brake and traction control functions to intermittently turn off.

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Read more about both recalls and what you need to do if your vehicle is included.

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