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1.3 Million Solar Systems Recalled Due to Copper Grounding Lug Corrosion

SolarWorld Americas has issued a recall for approximately 1.3 million solar systems installed after June 1, 2010 because bare-copper grounding lugs can corrode. The corrosion can lead to a faulty ground circuit, posing an electric shock, electrocution, or fire hazard.

Installation instructions for the recalled systems called for the use of GBL-4DB grounding lugs but should have called out tin-coated ground lugs, part number GBL-4DBT. Consumers should verify which type of grounding lugs were used in the installation of their solar system. If the ground lugs are bare-copper or brown in color, they will be replaced with tin-coated grounding lugs by SolarWorld at no cost.

Check to see if your solar system is included in the recall and information on how to contact SolarWorld Americas. 

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