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10 Years of Service Celebrated With New Client Discount

In celebration of the ten years of operations, The Nebraska Center for Excellence in Electronics (NCEE) is happy to announce an incentive program for new clients.  A special rate has been established for first time customers on thermal chamber usage.  These price saving opportunities with NCEE will help give manufacturers an opportunity to continue down the path of innovation and further develop their product lines through testing.

New customers looking for environmental testing have the opportunity to utilize one of NCEE’s thermal chambers for only $90 per day for tests of 5 days or more.  These significant savings will provide manufacturers a resource to help get their products to market and continue to move forward.  To be eligible for this special, customers must be a new customer of NCEE.  Testing for less than five days will be subject to NCEE’s standard daily rates.  Subsequent testing will be performed at standard rates.

“This is a great addition to our existing $350 FCC prescan rate”, says NCEE General Manager Doug Kramer.  NCEE offers prescreening for rated emissions to the FCC requirements to all customers.  This quick and affordable solution can be just the affirmation a design and engineering group needs to validate their designs. This is perfect for manufacturers looking for a quick set of data to verify their products performance.  These prescans include radiated and conducted emissions prescreening below 1GHz only and do not include any mitigation time.  The peak results will be provided for the manufacturers review.  For more information about either of these specials please give us a call at 402.472.5880.

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A Dash of Maxwell’s: A Maxwell’s Equations Primer – Part One

Solving Maxwell’s Equations for real-life situations, like predicting the RF emissions from a cell tower, requires more mathematical horsepower than any individual mind can muster. These equations don’t give the scientist or engineer just insight, they are literally the answer to everything RF.

NCEE Labs is a product compliance, product safety, and environmental testing and consulting organization that serves aviation, information technology, wireless communications, industrial, scientific, medical, agricultural, and consumer products companies throughout the Midwest.  Founded in 1998 to meet a growing demand for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing, NCEE labs houses one of the few public 10-meter semi-anechoic chambers in the United States and is accredited by A2LA (American Association for Lab Accreditation) for EMC testing.  NCEE Labs occupies a 15,700 square foot facility in the University of Nebraska Technology Park.  For more information, visit


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