USB-C Power Cords May Be Hazardous to Your Device

So-called USB Type-C power cords offer a number of potential advantages to multiple device users. But, as one Google engineer found, not all USB Type-C power cords are created equal.

According to a report recently posted on CNN Money, Benson Leung has been reviewing USB-C cords listed for sale on Amazon after connecting his laptop computer to a USB-C power cord that had been wired incorrectly. The power cord rapidly drained the laptop’s power, permanently damaging the electronic circuitry, and rendering the computer useless.

Leung’s mission is to help prevent other USB-C users from suffering a similar fate. “I have gotten fed up with the early cables from third-party vendors that so blatantly flout the specifications and I want to take them to task,” he says. “You may not just get weird behavior from your devices with these bad cables…What some of these vendors are doing is downright dangerous.”

Read the original CNN Money report regarding USB Type-C power cords.

Read Leung’s blog posting about USB-C cords.

Photo by Keoni Cabral

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