Solar Panel Systems May Not Meet EMC Standards

The Netherlands national Amateur Radio Society has elevated concerns regarding potential radio operation interference from solar panel power systems.

According to a posting on the website of the Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek in Nederland, (VERON), a 2014 study by the EMC Administrative Cooperation Working Group determined that only a third of inverters used to link solar panels were found to meet EMC emissions requirements in the European Union (EU). In its posting, VERON speculates that many of inverters were never tested to the applicable standards as a cost saving measure, and that some unscrupulous suppliers may even have applied counterfeit CE marks to their products to ensure acceptance of their products.

VERON suggests that the problem of non-compliant solar system inverters is affecting not just amateur radio operations but also wireless home automation systems and equipment, including security and monitoring systems, HVAC controls and entertainment devices and garage door openers.

VERON’s posting about the potential for interference from solar power inverters was reported in a recent press release on the website of the ARRL.

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