Kia Recalls 3,000 Vehicles for Flickering Headlights

Kia recallKia Motors America is recalling certain model year 2015-2016 K900 vehicles because the headlights might not work properly. The recall includes 3,099 cars that are equipped with LED headlights. Using the headlights in AUTO mode over time can cause increased electrical resistance of the contact points in the multi-function light switch. If this occurs, the headlights may flicker and/or intermittently turn off while driving. As the contact points lose connectivity over time and use, it is likely that time without illumination will increase.

Losing headlight illumination can reduce visibility and increase the risk of a crash. Kia will notify owners and dealers will repair the headlights, free of charge. Dealers will replace the multi-function switch with redesigned contacts. The material for the contact in the multi-function switch was changed to prevent oxidation, and the new switch has improved electrical connectivity.

Source: NHTSA | Photo by Automotive Rhythms

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