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Quarter-Wavelength Impedance Matching Networks

This article describes a loss-less impedance matching technique that does not require the use of discrete components but instead uses cables or printed circuit board (PCB) traces, i.e., distributed elements or transmission lines.

A Young Engineer’s Guide to Building a Career in EMC

Building a successful and lasting career in EMC engineering can seem overwhelming. Here’s some practical advice based on the author’s personal experience.

Continuing Your Professional Education in 2023

Traditionally, the start of a new year is a time when we reflect on the progress we’ve made during the year passed and set our goals for the new year. We’ve queried training resources in our industry to provide you with an overview of free or affordable solutions to meet your training goals in 2022.

Why Histograms and Free Run Matter

Oscilloscopes are key tools for power integrity measurements. With decreasing DC voltages and tolerances, techniques for accurate power rail testing have to be refined constantly. This article presents a new, widely unknown approach which reduces test times significantly. It combines waveform histograms and free run trigger mode, which lets developers capture and analyze a much [...]

Performing Proximity Magnetic Fields Immunity Testing

This article summarizes the changes in IEC 60601-1-2:2014 Amendment 1:2020 and describes how to conduct proximity magnetic fields immunity testing as required by the standard.

Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis of Transmission Lines

This tutorial article is a part of the three-article series devoted to the frequency-domain analysis of a lossless transmission line.

The Transistor: An Indispensable ESD Protection Device – Part 1

Nowadays in the semiconductors industry, the bipolar transistor is massively used for various functions in modern integrated circuits (ICs) products.

Understanding Safety Label Format and Symbol Options

Read a quick guide to understanding the considerations of the main label and symbol format options available to you, including pros and cons, and whether they meet the U.S. ANSI Z535.4 standards, the international ISO 3864-2 standards, or both standards.

Banana Skins – January 2023 (#415-416)

A new consortium will investigate problems associated with interference, jamming, and multi-path activity affecting the integrity of GNSS applications.