FCC Issues Rules to Open Spectrum for Vehicular Radar

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has moved to expand the spectrum allocation available for use by vehicular radar systems, which are increasingly found in advanced collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control systems.

In a Report and Order issued in July, the Commission moved to expand the current 76-77 GHz spectrum allocation to include the entire 76-81 GHz band, while also transitioning vehicular radar systems out of the 24 GHz band. According to the FCC, the change not only expands access for vehicular radar systems, but also harmonizes their assigned spectrum in the U.S. with that in use internationally.

The FCC’s Order also permits the use of the 76-81 GHz band by fixed and mobile radars at airports used for specific safety applications, such as the detection of debris on runways.

Read the Commission’s Report and Order on spectrum for vehicular radar systems.  

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