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We provide marketers and business owners with a comprehensive suite of tools to connect with a highly qualified audience of electrical engineering professionals across a variety of disciplinesWe combine traditional print and online publishing methods to create a robust offering of resources that help engineers to solve and understand challenges in the workplace.

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In Compliance Magazine is the only monthly publication covering the latest global compliance news, standards updates, technical guidance and explanations, and more.

Our reader-base spans across all sectors of the electronics marketplace and is comprised of electrical engineering professionals who make key purchasing decisions as they strategize, design, develop, and produce compliant electronic products for use globally.

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Our reader community is highly engaged with our contentWe deliver thoughtful, educational content that is only further complemented by products and service solutions from advertisers like you. Display advertising presents an opportunity to align your advertisements with the monthly editorial focus, reaching a more targeted audience that has your subject top of mind.


Monthly issues delivered directly to the inboxes of our readersEvery issue features global news, regular columns, technical guidance and explanations, as well as some Dilbert comic relief.

Digital Edition

Capture the attention of a digitally inclined audience by sponsoring a monthly digital edition of In Compliance Magazine. Your banner advertisement will live alongside the issue eternally!

Issue Alert

The digital edition is delivered via our email Issue Alert to over 70% of our total subscribers. Readers who have yet to pick up his or her issue will also receive a mid-month reminder for convenience.

In Compliance is the only magazine that offers articles affecting the compliance industry.

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Connecting Industry + Community

We offer a variety of eNewsletters to inform, educate, and inspire engineers regularly. Our eNewsletters consolidate and share the latest news, technical resources, products and services, electronic related recalls, and new developments within the community.


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The World in Compliance

This newsletter consolidates the top news updates and industry announcements on a bi-weekly basis.


This monthly newsletter is dedicated to sharing technical resources available by industry leaders and on the EERC.

eProduct Showcase

Reaches readers monthly, who have selected to receive information about current products, solutions, and services.

Weekly Recall Alert

A weekly round up of electronic related product recalls. From faulty electrical components in consumer electronics to those in automotive. If it’s electrical related, we cover it.

On the Wire

Sit back on Saturday mornings and catch up on the trending stories of the week. This eNewsletter is a collection of inspiring developments and engineering news.

"The individual contributors are legends in the compliance world, and their guidance is essential info for anyone new coming into the regulatory space."

Regulatory and Compliance Lead

Drive Online Engagement is a daily source for engineering news, product recalls, industry announcements, and social discussions. Our news staff covers emerging technologies and industry developments to connect readers with current events and information.


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"I love the digital format of In Compliance Magazine and I also appreciate the easy-to-read product alerts."

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Increase Relevancy during the Solutions Search

The Online Directory is a simple solutions search tool designed and developed for our readersA one stop source for locating products, services, and solutions in this highly specified and skilled field. In addition to listing membership online, all directory participants are featured in our biggest, most coveted issue of the year, the Annual Reference Guide.

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"In Compliance is a reliable resource that has practical information, news on upcoming events, and many interesting articles."

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Create Compelling Content

At In Compliance we place a strong focus on content marketing, afterall the core of our business is publishingOur readers seek out technical content, in fact 82% have told us soCustom content options will provide your organization with a variety of choices that align with your business objectives and persona.

The EERC Resource Center

Share your content and connect with an audience of highly targeted electrical engineering professionalsEstablish thought leadership and expertise through promotion of your content assets while generating quality leads and nurturing potential prospects.

Express Pass

This program is designed to help those organizations that are media-conscious ensure their news is delivered and considered in a timely mannerExpress Pass holders also receive priority consideration for inclusion in monthly issues and on the website.

eBook Sponsorship

Exclusively promote your business alongside a classic collection of articles from In Compliance. Include interactive video, highlight your products or brand, and share your multi-media resources.

Surveys & Quizzes

In Compliance surveys and quizzes are an engaging way to receive helpful feedback or to confirm the impact of your campaign. Follow up to interactions with fun pop-quizzes or sponsor a topic specific survey.

Whitepaper Development

If your organization is interested in developing a whitepaper or similar technical resources but need assistance, we can help. You will be assigned an editor to work with your team to develop custom content on a topic of your expertise.


Create a visual representation of your subject that is eye-catching and has maximum reference potentialOur team helps you tell your subject specific story that you can share online with new prospects and customers alike.

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